Downtown Lafayette, LA

Downtown Lafayette LA has a bustling downtown district with plenty of exciting shopping, dining, art, and music options. Here are ten fun things to do and see in Downtown Lafayette. 

Downtown Lafayette, LA
Downtown Lafayette, LA
  • Poupart Bakery 

You will feel as though you have been transported across the globe to a village bakery in the French countryside when you visit Poupart Bakery in Downtown Lafayette. Since 1967, Poupart Bakery has been serving French pastries, old-world French bread, sweet treats, savory soups, and sandwiches. Poupart Bakery’s downtown shop is located at 100 East Vermillion Street. 

  • Borden’s Ice Cream Shoppe 

Established in 1940, Borden’s Ice Cream Shoppe in Downtown Lafayette is the last standing Borden retail ice cream shop in the United States. Generations of Lafayette locals continue to enjoy the rich and creamy ice cream that is still made the old-fashioned way. Borden’s Ice Cream Shoppe is located at 1103 Jefferson Street. 

  • Johnson’s Boucaniere

Johnson’s Boucaniere is a locally owned and operated smokehouse that serves smoked meats, boudin, and barbeque. Although the restaurant opened in 2008, it carries on the traditions and serves many of the same recipes as Johnson’s Grocery, which was a staple of Lafayette dining community from 1937 until 2005. Johnson’s Boucaniere is located at 1111 Saint John Street. 

  • Pop’s Poboys

Pop’s Poboys serves traditional poboys together with modern twists on the classic sandwich in a relaxed and casual setting. Adventurous eaters can order poboys with red bean falafel, meatball, or Nashville hot chicken. Pop’s Poboys is located at 740 Jefferson Street. 

  • Children’s Museum of Acadiana

Bring your children for a day of fun and learning at the Children’s Museum of Acadiana in Downtown Lafayette. The museum has interactive exhibits and workshops for children that cover a broad range of topics, including farming, anatomy, politics, bubbles, and television. The Children’s Museum of Acadiana is located at 201 East Congress Street. 

  • Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is the third church that has been built on the land donated by Jean Mounton in 1821 when Lafayette was still the town of Vermilionville. Visitors are awed by the Dutch-Romanesque architecture, stained glass windows, and immense 500-year-old oak tree outside the church. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is located at 515 Cathedral Street. 

  • Acadiana Center for the Arts

A cultural hub in Downtown Lafayette, the Acadiana Center for the Arts is a multi-purpose arts center with five galleries, a 300-seat theatre, an arts education center, and bright open lobby spaces. The Acadiana Center for the Arts is located at 101 West Vermillion Street. 

  • Alexandre Mouton House

Learn about the history and culture of Lafayette at the Alexandre Mouton House. Originally built in the early 1800s by the founder of Vermilionville, Jean Mouton, the house was later the residence of Alexandre Mouton, Louisiana’s 12th governor. The Alexandre Mouton House is located at 1122 Lafayette Street.  

  • Benoit Gallery

Benoit Gallery features the artwork of Bryant Benoit, a Lafayette native. His artwork, which layers smaller images of pictures together with acrylic paint, is focused on the indigenous culture. Benoit Gallery is located at 535 ½ Jefferson Street. 

  • The Omni Center

The Omni Center is a multi-use art space in Downtown Lafayette. The space includes a fine arts gallery, a large stage for productions, and a retail space for handmade artisan pieces. The Omni Center is located at 227 Jefferson Street. 



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