Law Enforcement in Lafayette

Lafayette Police Department 

Lafayette Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Chief of Police is Toby J. Aguillard, a veteran law enforcement officer and former prosecutor. Its jurisdiction includes the city of Lafayette, which the Police Department divides into four precincts. 

Law Enforcement in Lafayette

There are seven divisions within the Lafayette Police Department: 

  • SWAT: The Lafayette SWAT Team provides tactical support to Lafayette law enforcement agencies in critical situations, such as hostage situations, barricade situations, sniper situations, apprehensions, warrant service, and personal protection. 
  • K-9 Unit: The Lafayette Police Department has six dual purpose police dogs trained in narcotics detection and criminal apprehension and one single purpose narcotics dog. The K-9 unit responds to approximately 750 service calls a month. 
  • Mounted Police Unit: The Lafayette Mounted Police Unit currently houses five horses, which are used primarily to patrol the Downtown area during evening hours and events, like Mardi Gras festivities, festivals, parades, and community education events. 
  • Traffic Unit: The Lafayette Police Department Traffic Unit is deployed to problematic traffic areas in an attempt to curb traffic and prevent vehicle crashes. Additionally, the Traffic Unit investigates traffic crashes. 
  • Criminal Investigations: The Criminal Investigations Division investigates crimes and other incidents. It is divided into four sections: adult crimes, youth services, crime scene, and narcotics. 
  • Public Information Unit: The Public Information Unit serves as a liaison between the public and Police Department. They disseminate information to the public and media sources and assist the Neighborhood Watch programs. 
  • School Resource Officers: The Lafayette Police Department provides eight police officers to work at high schools and middles schools throughout the Lafayette Parish. 

Address: 900 East University Avenue, Lafayette, LA 70502

Phone number: 337-291-8600

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Police Department

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Police Department (ULPD) is responsible for all law enforcement services on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s property. ULPD has two divisions: Patrol and Investigations. 

ULPD provides several additional services to the University, including, but not limited to:  

  • 482-2TIP: Crime Stoppers Tip Line
  • Rave Guardian App
  • Lost and Found
  • Operation Safeguard
  • Code Blue Phones
  • C.U.S.P. Unit
  • Crime Prevention Programs, and 
  • See Something Say Something Campaign

Address: Bittle Hall, 210 Hebrard Boulevard, Lafayette, Louisiana 70504. 

Phone Number: 337-482-6447

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) is the sheriff department in Lafayette county. Its jurisdiction includes the entire Lafayette parish. Mark Gerber was elected Sheriff on November 21,  2015. 

The LPSO Enforcement Division consists of multiple departments. 

  • The Uniform Patrol Unit responds to calls for assistance and provides criminal patrol throughout the parish. 
  • The LPSO Narcotics Unit works to remove illegal narcotics activity from the community. 
  • The Criminal Investigations Unit oversees follow-up investigations of primarily felony crimes. 
  • The Crime Prevention and Community Liaison Unit works to engage the whole community in crime prevention.  
  • The Victim Services Unit assists victims of homicides, felony offenses, sexual offenses, certain vehicular-related incidents, and domestic offenses. 

Address: 316 West Main Street, Lafayette, LA 70501

Phone Number: 337-232-9211

Lafayette City Marshal 

The Lafayette City Marshal executes all lawful orders and mandates of the Lafayette City Court and assists law enforcement agencies when called upon. Brian Pope is suspended City Marshal, and Michael Hill is the Interim City Marshal. 

Address: 105 East Convent Street, Lafayette, Louisiana 70501

Phone Number: 337-291-8789

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