Life Care Plans In Catastrophic Injuries

Life Care Plans In Catastrophic Injuries

The Significance Of Life Care Plans In Securing Fair And Just Compensation In Catastrophic Injury Cases

A catastrophic injury can ruin a person’s health, social life, and career. 

A catastrophic injury is a severe injury that results in a long-term disability or permanent loss of function. 

Motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, unsafe premises, and defective products can result in catastrophic injuries with long-term or permanent disabling effects. 

Catastrophic injuries include:

· Brain and head injuries

· Multiple fractures or crush injuries

· Paralysis

· Quadriplegia

· Spinal Cord injuries

· Severe burn injuries

· Amputations

· Internal organ injuries

Life care plans can help individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries and their families secure the best long-term care possible. 

A life care plan is a necessity for catastrophic injury victims. It will not replace what the victim has lost due to the injury, but it will help ease the stress and hardships that come along. A Louisiana catastrophic injury lawyer and qualified experts can develop a suitable life care plan that will cover the needs of the injured victim. 

Life Care Plans

A life care plan outlines the injured person’s needs, including medical necessities and support.

Comprehensive and well-drafted life care plans help judges, juries, and even insurance companies understand the costs plaintiffs must bear. Life plans contain extensive evidence from physicians, therapists, friends, family, employers, co-workers, medical equipment and supply vendors, home remodeling contractors, and expert witnesses, such as vocational experts. 

Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers use life care plans to accurately quantify long-term injury victims’ ongoing and future care costs. 

A life care plan takes the guesswork out of the equation. Some people or quick-settling lawyers claim they are too expensive, carry too long to draft, or are unnecessary. 

It is a precise report that maps out current and future medical bills, lost earning capacity, and other compensatory damages for injuries from another party’s negligence or other wrongful act. 

A life care plan brings future costs into one document. These costs include medical expenses, doctor’s visits, surgery, long-term or short-term nursing care, modifying the injured party’s home or vehicle, medical supplies and equipment, lost earning capacity, daily living expenses, rehabilitation and physical therapy, medications, and pain and suffering. 

Life Care Planners

Estimating costs is an arduous and comprehensive process. At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we enlist the services of experienced life care planners. 

Life care planners are certified vocational experts (or medical professionals) with the necessary expertise and accreditation to testify in court, usually on behalf of the plaintiff. 

Life care planners require certification to testify in Louisiana courts. 

Physicians, nurses, rehabilitation experts, occupational therapists, case managers, social workers, physicians, psychologists, and psychotherapists work as life-planning experts.  

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers – Compassionate Louisiana Lawyers Maximizing Compensation For Catastrophic Injury Victims

Submitting a comprehensive life care plan outlining the plaintiff’s future care costs to the insurance company may result in a reasonable settlement offer without litigation. 

The insurance company’s goal is to give you as little as possible. 

Committed lawyers utilize specialized skills to negotiate with insurance companies. They often have to pressure them into respecting victims’ rights and making a fair settlement offer. 

Louisiana has no standard for determining the damages a judge or jury can award for a catastrophic injury. A judge or jury can award any reasonable damages they may deem fit. 

The compassionate catastrophic injury lawyers at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can assist you in rebuilding your life. Our Louisiana personal injury law firm has the experience and resources to assemble a team of experienced professionals and experts to ensure you get the care and attention you need. 

Contact our firm’s Louisiana personal injury lawyer to schedule a free case evaluation. We can begin working on your case immediately and help you get fair and just compensation. 



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