The Four Most Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in Louisiana

fatal highway car crashIn 2013, 32,700 people were killed in the 5.6 million car accidents that occurred across the country. More than 2.3 million people were injured in these accidents.

In Louisiana, police registered 478 deaths in passenger vehicles during 2015. Nearly 1,000 drivers in our state alone were involved in fatal car crashes.

Most common causes of fatal car accidents in Louisiana

These statistics are very sobering. But it’s even more sobering to look at the causes of fatal car crashes. Nearly all car crashes stem from preventable causes.

National statistics compiled by an insurance industry association indicate that the most common cause of fatal car accidents in Louisiana is failure to operate with required equipment. Seat belts save the lives of 73% of people involved in fatal accidents, including both drivers and passengers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles data on accidents as well. According to this data, many accidents in our state are caused by excessive drinking and failure to obey the speed limit.

The lives taken by these drivers could, in other words, have been saved by obeying the laws against drinking and driving and going over the speed limit.

In Louisiana, for example, 245 fatal car accidents were related to alcohol impairment. The drivers had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.8 or above when tested.

One hundred and sixty-five of the fatal accidents were related to speeding. Cars going at higher speeds do more damage if they hit another vehicle, and they may not be able to stop or slow down in time to avert an accident.

Louisiana drivers between the age of 15 years old and 20 years old were involved in 74 of the fatal accidents. One driver was under the age of 15.

Louisiana as compared to other states

Driving without required equipment, when impaired by alcohol, and speeding are not unique causes of car accidents just in Louisiana, of course. They cause many accidents across the nation. But how does Louisiana rank with other states in causes of car accidents?

Unfortunately, Louisiana ranks #4 for fatalities caused by careless or reckless driving. We also rank #4 for car accident deaths due to speeding.

Finally, Louisiana is one of the states where driving impaired by alcohol causes a high percentage of fatal accidents, although we do not rank in the top 5.

An experienced auto accident attorney in Baton Rouge and Lafayette

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