The Six Best Qualities To Look For In A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

The Six Best Qualities To Look For In A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries are severe and permanent. These injuries disrupt a victim’s life. 

Catastrophic injuries can often lead to permanent disfigurement, loss or impairment of the function of a body part, substantial risk of death, and death. 

Catastrophic injuries may render you unable to perform any work at all. 

Finding the right catastrophic injury lawyer can be challenging when every law firm claims to be the finest. Many law firms will brag about their combined experience instead of how long the attorneys at the firm have experience working on cases like yours. 

You should assess experience, track record, accessibility, and client testimonials while selecting a catastrophic injury lawyer. 

Common causes of catastrophic injuries include: 

· Motor vehicle accidents

· Workplace accidents

· Fires and explosions

· Construction accidents

· Medical malpractice, including birth injuries

· Recreational accidents, like contact sports

· Defective products 

· Dangerous drugs

· Toxic exposure

· Fires and explosions

· Assault

· Electrocution

· Sports and other recreational activities 

Those fortunate enough to survive a catastrophic injury may have to deal with disfiguring or disabling injuries for the rest of their lives. Common catastrophic injuries include Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), Spinal Cord injuries, severe burns, amputations, paralysis, internal organ injuries, and loss of vision or hearing. 

The right lawyer can profoundly impact both the outcome of your case and your life as a whole. 

Given below are six qualities you should look out for when searching for a catastrophic injury attorney. 

Legal Expertise

Your attorney’s legal knowledge and skills can be the decisive elements in the outcome of a catastrophic injury case. 

Extensive legal experience is critical for navigating the complex legal landscape of catastrophic injury claims and ensuring victims secure fair and just compensation. 

Pursuing a catastrophic injury claim in Louisiana and Texas requires comprehensive documentation, expert legal representation, knowledge of accident benefits claims, familiarity with insurance policies, and understanding state personal injury laws.

At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we will manage the legal processes, collect evidence, build a solid case, and accurately assess the case’s value.

Proper Valuation Of A Claim

Catastrophic injuries have massive financial effects that last a lifetime. Your losses could continue for years. 

Long-term and permanent disabilities can affect the value of your claim.

Compensation for catastrophic injuries must include medical and rehabilitation costs, income replacement benefits, and caregiver and attendant care expenses.

Medical costs include hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and therapies. Rehabilitation expenditure may encompass the costs of physical, occupational, speech, and other necessary treatments to help victims regain function and independence.

It is essential to provide financial assistance to catastrophic injury victims who cannot work to help them maintain their living standards. 

Caregiver and attendant care expenses include hiring caregivers or attendants to assist victims with daily activities and personal care. 

A catastrophic injury attorney can quantify these losses and place an appropriate value on your case. 

Catastrophic injury lawyer Bart Bernard will ensure your claim covers the impact of the catastrophic injury on your ability to earn a living and perform tasks at home.

Clear And Concise Communication

Communication fosters trust and ensures clients feel informed and involved throughout the legal process. 

Your attorney must be able to lay out the facts of your case decisively and persuasively.

Optimal communication practices are crucial for catastrophic injury attorneys. 

The best lawyers are transparent and straightforward with clients.

A catastrophic injury lawyer should be readily available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and address any concerns you may have throughout the legal process. 

Your attorney must demonstrate empathy while communicating regular updates on your case. 

Access To Expert Witnesses

Catastrophic injury lawyers must gather and provide detailed evidence demonstrating a client’s need for constant and expensive medical assistance, future surgeries, medications, home care, and supervision or rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. This may require the application of technical, scientific, or specialized knowledge. Expert witnesses can explain relevant topics to judges and juries that average jury members need help understanding. 

Fact-based expert testimony is a powerful tool for helping judges and juries determine a fact at issue in a case or understand the evidence. 

Expert witnesses are significant in personal injury cases involving construction, engineering, automobiles, and medicine. 

Litigation Support  

Lawyers with trial experience prepare your case for trial from the very beginning. 

Even if a settlement is the likely outcome, a trial lawyer builds the case as if it were going to court. The possibility of a trial can be a powerful tool in convincing insurers to propose a fair settlement.

 Insurance companies may not offer a reasonable settlement if your attorney lacks trial experience and is unready to step into the courtroom. 

Louisiana and Texas catastrophic injury lawyer Bart Bernard is not just a skilled negotiator; he is battle-ready to advocate on your behalf before a judge and jury. 

Personal injury lawyer Bart Bernard commands respect and leverage, leading to attractive settlement offers. 

Attorney Bernard has a comprehensive understanding of court procedures in Louisiana and Texas. 

Bart Bernard’s commanding presence in the courtroom often helps sway the proceedings in favor of his clients. 

From correctly filing legal motions to adhering to the rigid timelines of the court, Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers manages the intricacies and formalities of the litigation process effectively, ensuring no procedural errors compromise the integrity of your case. 

Compassionate Advocacy

A catastrophic injury is more than just a bodily injury. It inflicts substantial emotional and financial burdens on victims and their families. 

Having an attorney who can show empathy and compassion for your situation is vital. A compassionate attorney reminds you that you’re not alone and will treat you and your case with sensitivity and care. 

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers: Personal Injury Lawyers Venturing Beyond Comfort Zones To Tackle High-Stakes Cases

Most catastrophic injuries are immediately obvious. However, some may not be apparent for months or even years. 

You should hire a catastrophic injury attorney who ensures the inclusion of all your damages in your claim. 

Bart Bernard has a strong track record of success in obtaining significant verdicts and settlements for his clients, and he will do the same for you. 

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury due to someone else’s negligence anywhere in Louisiana or Texas, you should hire a lawyer who encourages you to focus on your recovery while they take care of the legal details. With law offices in Lafayette and Houston, Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers handles many areas of personal injury law, including catastrophic injuries. 

Contact us today to take advantage of our free consultation, and let us demonstrate why our experience is the leverage you need in your catastrophic injury claim. 



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