Train And Railroad Accidents In Louisiana

Train And Railroad Accidents In Louisiana

On September 28, 1982, forty-three train cars derailed in Livingston, Louisiana. Twenty-seven of the train cars contained hazardous or toxic materials. However, the derailment killed no one, the smoke from the derailed dangerous tanker cars burned for nearly two weeks.  

3,000 people in a 5-mile radius around Livingston were evacuated for nearly two weeks. This Louisiana tragedy took decades of remediation and monitoring.

Train accidents in Louisiana do not just involve the derailment of trains. 

Train accidents can involve:

· Trains colliding into each other;

· Trains crashing into motor vehicles;

· Trains hitting pedestrians; and

· Trains catching fire.

Train accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians can be devastating.

Because of their massive weight and sheer size, accidents involving trains pose a high risk of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Nearly forty percent of train accidents in the country are caused by human factors.

Whether it is a derailment, a train-vehicle crash, a railroad crossing mishap, an accident involving hazardous materials, or any other type of railroad accident, many people may be harmed. 

Catastrophic injuries in train accidents can occur when passengers inside the train hit hard surfaces or each other. It is also widespread for pedestrians near tracks to be struck by trains.

Causes Of Train And Railroad Accidents 

The most common causes of train accidents include:

· Negligence;

· Human error;

· Reckless pedestrians and drivers;

· Mechanical failure;

· Speeding trains;

· Defective tracks;

· Derailments;

· Unmanned railroad crossings; and

· Suicides.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Louisiana has more than 3,000 at-grade crossings of public and private roads with railroads. 

An at-grade crossing is an intersection where roadways and railroads join or cross at the same level.

These crossings contribute to the state being among the top 10 in the nation with the most grade crossings collisions each year.

More than 80 percent of crossings in the country lack adequate warning devices such as lights and gates, and more than half of all railroad accidents occur at unprotected intersections. Accidents at unprotected railroad crossings are most often caused by:

· Poor visibility;

· Driver distraction;

· Driver inebriation/intoxication;

· Drivers trying to race the train;

· Malfunctioning signals;

· Cars parked too close to rail tracks;

· Pedestrians walking too close to tracks;

· Pedestrians slipping or tripping, causing them to land on the tracks;

· Lack of barriers preventing pedestrians or drivers from getting too close;

· Objects sticking out from the train;

· Obstacles that block a driver’s view; and

· The Conductor failed to sound an alarm.

Train And Railroad Accident Injuries

Train and railroad accidents might result in the following medical conditions: 

· Traumatic brain injuries;

· Spinal injuries;

· Concussions;

· Lost limbs;

· Bone fractures;

· Crush injuries;

· Organ damage; and/or

· Soft tissue damage.

Psychological Damage

Train and railroad accidents can have a deep psychological effect on the mind.

Besides sustaining physical injuries, train accident victims often suffer from serious psychological issues such as depression, insomnia, fear, anxiety, crippling phobias, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Victims who experience catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, an amputation, physical scarring, and disfigurement, may become highly vulnerable to severe depression, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering. Allowing the mental state to deteriorate further can lead to secondary complications such as relationship problems, work conflicts, and an inability to function normally.

Treatments for psychological and emotional harm resulting from a train accident may cost as much, if not more, than treatments for genuine physical injuries.

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