Your Car Accident Coverage May Not Be As Good As You Think

Couple Reading Letter About Husband's InjuryDo you trust your insurance company to cover you fully in the case of a car accident? After a crash, with medical bills and other losses piling up, some drivers have discovered that their trust in the insurance company was misplaced. Remember that insurance companies are running a business. They have every incentive to minimize their payouts to you, because it means more profits for them and their shareholders.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help with Insurance Company Negotiations After a Crash

When negotiating with an insurance company after an accident, having an experienced attorney on your side can prove to be a valuable asset. A good lawyer will know the kinds of strategies insurance companies use to minimize payments to you — in other words, what they do to get you to accept less than you deserve.

Insurance companies might try the following strategies.

  1. Shifting blame – If a party other than their insured is to blame for an accident, the insurance party may not have to pay. They are skilled in attempting to shift blame, either to you or to another party. They may also try to prove that you bear a greater responsibility of an accident than you do.
  2. Getting you to admit fault – In the aftermath of an accident, people may be shaken or uncertain of just what happened. Insurance companies may ask questions that make you admit to more fault than you are responsible for — and you may not realize the import of these questions until it’s too late. They may demand statements that will later be used in court to argue that you were responsible.
  3. Minimizing or lowballing medical conditions – Insurance companies may try to minimize the significance of injuries or conditions caused by the accident, or underestimate the amount of treatment needed. They may also lowball the dollar amounts needed for treatment.
  4. Delay the claims and payments – Insurance companies sometimes gamble that if they take a very long time to process and pay out claims, people will forget, or become willing to settle for less.

Why You Should Have an Attorney Represent You

If you have been injured in a car accident, call Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. Bart Bernard is a LA car accident lawyer who knows how to play tough with deep-pocketed insurance companies and their low-ball settlement offers.

We have offices in both Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana. Our initial consultation is free of charge and confidential. Call today or contact us online today. Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™!

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