Louisiana Rental Car Accidents

Louisiana Rental Car Accidents

Louisiana is one of the most culturally rich places on Earth. The Pelican State continues to be a popular and welcoming destination for visitors worldwide. 

From exploring the iconic French Quarter in New Orleans to enjoying the food, nightlife, and history of Baton Rouge, rental cars allow visitors to make the most of their time in Louisiana.

The car rental industry comprises an integral part of the transportation sector in the United States. 

Some leading rental car companies operating in Louisiana include Dollar, Thrifty, Enterprise, Budget, Avis, National, Alamo, Hertz, ACE, Fox, and SIXT. 

Causes Of Rental Car Accidents

Since out-of-town drivers on business or holiday trips operate rental cars, a lack of familiarity with the vehicles and the environment may contribute to more driving errors (poor handling, poor judgment, etc.). 

It is also not uncommon for distracted, intoxicated, or drowsy visitors to cause car rental accidents in Louisiana. 

Other causes of rental car collisions include:

  • Being unfamiliar with the vehicle’s technology, navigation system, or braking system.
  • Being unfamiliar with local traffic laws or ordinances.
  • Distractions. 

Car Rental Insurance In Louisiana 

In Louisiana, it is not mandatory to obtain or possess car rental insurance to rent a car if the car renter has existing coverage for their vehicle. 

Obtaining insurance from the car rental company is unnecessary since your primary vehicle’s insurance policy typically transfers to your rental car as long as your car’s insurance is valid.

Louisiana car rental companies must verify the renter’s insurance. If the renter has no insurance, Louisiana law requires them to purchase car coverage insurance from the car rental company. This is a low level of coverage, as rental car companies need to “satisfy the minimum financial responsibility requirements of the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law” under Louisiana civil law. 

Drivers in Louisiana must have a minimum amount of insurance for bodily injury and property damage. 

The minimum coverage in Louisiana is $15,000 for personal injury, $30,000 for personal injury of two or more people, and $25,000 for property damage.

Insurance coverage under rental car contracts applies only to those persons suffering injuries and property damage at the hands of the rental car driver. 

If the car driver has an auto liability policy, the rental car company’s insurance will provide coverage secondary to the renter’s insurance. 

Most major credit card companies in Louisiana provide complimentary comprehensive and collision or liability insurance coverage for rental cars if customers use their credit cards for car rental transactions. 

However, like rental car companies, credit card companies’ coverage only acts as secondary insurance.

This secondary coverage only kicks in after the primary auto insurance pays. 

Enlisting the services of an experienced Louisiana car accident lawyer can significantly enhance your chances of getting a fair and just settlement that covers all your expenses and more.

Who Can Be Liable In A Car Rental Accident?

Assessing liability in a car rental accident is a complex process. 

In Louisiana, the driver who causes the accident will be liable for the other party’s damages and injuries. The responsible party driving a rental car generally makes no difference in Louisiana. 

Many people assume that the rental company will be liable for damages just because the rental company owns the vehicle, but this is not the case. Car renters are not off the hook just because they do not own the vehicle. 

Under The Graves Amendment, a part of a Federal Highway Bill of 2005, car rental companies cannot be vicariously liable for injuries their customers cause unless the rental car company somehow contributes to those injuries.

A rental car company is liable if it acts negligently or criminally in renting a car to the person responsible for the accident. Renting cars to underage drivers, failing to maintain vehicles properly, knowingly or negligently renting out a defective automobile, or renting a car to an individual who does not have the authorization to drive due to a suspension of license are some of the reasons that can make a car rental company liable for damages. 

You may bring a strict liability suit against the car manufacturer if the rental car is defective. 

Contact A Louisiana Car Accident Lawyer Immediately 

Establishing liability and damages in motor vehicle accidents is critical to the success of a claim.

At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, our Louisiana car accident attorneys know how to sort out insurance coverage issues in accidents involving rental cars.

Our experienced lawyers can help you recover the maximum amount of damages available to compensate for physical damage, injuries, and other losses.

If you have suffered injuries due to the fault or negligence of a driver of a rental car anywhere in Louisiana, our personal injury law firm can help you seek a settlement or verdict to recover the compensation you deserve.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your rental car accident in detail.



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